In order to start investing in Mutual Funds you will need to have a CV-KRA verified KYC (Know your customer). In case you do not have that we will assist you in getting the same. The documentation etc will vary depending on weather you are an Individual, company, trust etc. For Direct Equity you will need to have a Demat and Trading account which we can assist in opening for you. For all investments done through us a PAN card and bank account is mandatory. Further depending on the product we will need to submit the required documentation.
We at AFS have no minimum requirement in terms of investment. We even have clients who invest Rs.500/- a month with us. What we focus on is working with people we know and through references instead of having a minimum threshold for investments. We feel by working with people we know and through references we are in a better place to understand the needs and the risk profile of our clients. However every product will have its own mandate in terms of investment size which we have to adhere to.
We strictly DO NOT GUARANTEE any returns on any product, service or strategy that we distribute. All the products, services strategies carry a certain amount of risk which we educate our investors about. All the products services and strategies are subject to their respective market risks and volatilities and we will not invest for our clients unless they indicate to us that they are aware of the same.
Depending on the product/service/strategy we select there will be exit loads, lock in, tax efficiencies that we will work around. Depending on all the above and the asset class we will suggest an investment horizon. Usually we will make the investment horizon is comfortable in terms of cash flow requirements.
Each individual client will be given a username and password by which you could log on to our website and view a statement of performance. Our software is updated daily and therefore we are able to provide accurate information. In addition most NAV’s are updated on the AMFI website daily and stock prices on the BSE and NSE. For all other products we will provide the necessary information and guide you on how you can obtain the same. In addition to this we email our clients a summary of investments on a monthly basis.
At AFS we are committed to a long term relationship with our clients. We are unbiased in our suggestions and have our client’s interest at the top of our priority list. We are completely transparent in our dealings, we maintain a strict level of confidentiality with our information and have are efficient with our service.

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